The Do’s and Don’ts of Quarantine Wedding Planning

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The Do's and Don'ts of Quarantine wedding planning

Our days are looking a little bit different right now, as many couples have had to postpone or reschedule their events due to what is happening in our world.  Let’s take a quick deep dive into what to do and what not to do with some new planning time on your hands.

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Do Give Yourself Some Grace + Relaxation

First things first: Keep in mind that this is a difficult time for most people as everyone’s schedules have changed drastically. We are at home with our immediate families and significant others more than ever before. But fear not! We are in this together, and we all deserve a little grace. If you find yourself extra stressed, annoyed more than usual or feeling like you just aren’t doing enough, take it easy and breathe. There will come a time again when things are in full swing, so for now, you might as well take in the ease and stay as positively tranquil as you can with some quality “you time” activities. Take a bubble bath, drink a glass of champagne, diffuse your favourite essential oil, put on your favorite rom-com or pick up a good book.

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Do Analyze Your Paperwork + Budget

Time to pull out that wedding planner book or binder you have, grabs some pens and highlighters and go to town! Cross things off the list, label your contracts and make sure your binder is clean and organized so that when things do go back into motion, you’re ready!

Now is also a great time to reevaluate your budget. Analyze what is paid and what isn’t and create a deposit/payment due date timeline. Figure out where your finances are and if you have any additional spending to reallocate toward that last-minute videographer or flatware upgrade you’ve been secretly wanting!

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Do Focus on Your Registry

This is a great time to get online and register, register, register! Since you’ve got time at home to take note of what you both already own, really think through what you need for a functional house with your new partner once you’re married. You may discover that the toaster you registered for awhile back isn’t necessary and you can clean up your already existing registry accounts! And maybe (because we are all making banana bread nonstop), you realized you could really use some new appliances – like that Kitchen Aid mixer.

Do Shop For + Plan Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon shopping is often something totally forgotten about until the last minute! So why not take a little time and do some online shopping now? Going to the beach? You’ll need a few new swimsuits + covers. Headed for the mountains? How about a new pair of hiking boots! Going to Europe? Find some good walking shoes and invest. Not to mention all the clothes and outfits for those perfect “We’re finally married” destination pictures you’ll want to post on social media. This is something fun to do to take your mind off of the wedding for a change and think about your life post the “I Do.”

Unsure what to shop for? Check out this helpful resource from the Knot on Honeymoon Packing!

Do Launch Your Wedding Website

This one is essential, especially if your wedding has had any major changes! Your guests will be looking to this platform for parking information, reservation information, registry information and so on. It’s also kind of fun to show off your engagement pics and share your favourite things to do in the town your wedding is in! There are also a lot of different companies you can do this through, but we think this article will help!

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Do Use Your Socials

Get on your social media and follow those wedding hashtags for inspiration and connectivity with other brides! This is a great way right now to know you aren’t going through this alone.

For a little extra fun, we’ve created a Quarantine Wedding Planning Bingo for your Instagram story! You can find it on our Instagram. Feel free to share with all your bridal friends!

Don’t Forget The Little Details

Details, details, details! Now is a great time to focus on the little things like:

Don’t Panic

We’ve all heard the phrase “this too shall pass,” and we are believing in that during COVID-19 here at Hermitage Events. We know the sun will shine again on some beautiful events on our property and that it will once again be filled with excited guests. We are believing the same thing for your wedding… and you should, too! No reason to overly worry or freak out. This is a global challenge everyone is facing, and people are more understanding than we realize. Although we cannot control what is happening, we can control our outlook on what is happening!

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Don’t Feel Pressured to Make the Big Decisions

What is happening right now brings a lot of “unknowns” into play. That means that if you feel unequipped to choose vendors, buy a dress or decide on a budget right now, you’re in good company! A lot of brides are feeling uneasy and are nervous to nail down details. That being said, there are a lot of resources and help that vendors, bridal shops and planners are providing in order to help the quarantined wedding planning brides out there. Don’t be afraid to seek that help and if you feel confident enough to book, buy or set, do it!

Don’t Change Your Mind Too Much

Whether your wedding was 99% planned or 32% planned before the pandemic, having a little extra time can be dangerous for the non-committal bride who doesn’t love making decisions! Be cautious not to change too many things just because you’re surfing social media and find something you like better. At some point in wedding planning, it is time to get off Pinterest! It’s okay to change your mind in small doses, but make sure you aren’t changing big things that will make you more stressed later. Stay true to who you are and what you’ve committed to already – pandemic or no pandemic.

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Don’t Quit Thinking About Your Partner

I think it’s safe to say after this COVID-19 ordeal we could add “in global sickness and health” to the vows, and it wouldn’t be such a crazy thought! Marriage is going to mean true ups and downs – and that’s what the vows are for right? A verbal commitment to your partner that you are there for them through it all. So why not start now? Check. In. with your fiancé! After all, their world has been turned upside down and could also be stressing about any number of things. Try to see this as an opportunity to continue learning about one another, and if you are able, relish in some time together well spent.

We truly hope you feel equipped with a few ideas about how to spend your new-found time when you’re planning a wedding in quarantine – and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

We are all in this together!

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